Company Introduction

Founded in 1912,
we are a general wholesaler dealing mainly in specialty hardware
from Ono city and Miki city in Banshu.

Ono City in Hyogo Prefecture, known as the Banshu region, has prospered as a town of swordsmiths since the days when it was ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In the Edo period in the 17th century, people in the area began to actively produce razor blades, scissors, kitchen knives, and other household cutlery for farmers’ side jobs and the home industry. Eventually, the specialty smithing that developed from these side jobs took root as a local industry in Ono City.


Management Philosophy

We pursue the wellbeing of all employees both physically and spiritually, and contribute to the progress and development of society by providing high-quality products and services.

Our products

Conveying the skills and thoughts of our craftsmen

We deal in a wide variety of products ranging from professional carpentry tools, garden utensils, cooking tools, other household cutleries, as well as other hardware items, with a focus on specialty hardware from the local Miki city and Ono city in Banshu.

We strive every day to offer our products by conveying to our customers the beauty and tradition of authentic carpentry tools and blades.

We also design and develop original products for sale at ourselves and our retailers.

Japanese Carpentry Tools Japanese Kitchen Tools Japanese Gardening Tools Japanese Original Goods Japanese Convenience Goods

Banshu Miki & Ono Hardware Craftsmen

Craftsmen who carry on traditional techniques are introduced here.

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A photo of a plane blade being put into the hearth


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Company Information

Founded in 1912

a general wholesaler dealing mainly in specialty hardware

78-2 Ooshima-cho,Ono-city,
postcade 675-1334


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