Japanese Carpentry Tools

Banshu Hardware produced in Ono city and Miki city, which have prospered as metal forging towns since ancient times, fuses the forging techniques and traditions established in the Edo period with new technologies introduced in the modern era. This allows us to produce blades for drills, electric saw blades, and other machine tools in addition to the tools we have been producing for many years.
In addition to carpentry tools, we produce a wide variety of tools used in construction work. In particular, our saws, chisels, planes, trowels, and short swords are recognized for their high quality and are designated as traditional crafts.

Photo of many planes Photo of many plane blades Plane (KANNA)


Master craftsmanship passed down for 280 years Chisel NOMI

Chisel NOMI

Photo of a chisel blade Photo of a chisel in a box

Banshu Hardware blades come in a variety of types and require specific care for each, but basically, the most important care is rust prevention.

  • Remove wood chips stuck between the blades after use.
  • When removing wood chips, use a used toothbrush or other tools to avoid direct hand contact with the blade, which may cause injury.
  • If sap or resin attaches to the live tree after cutting, use a cleaner to remove the resin.
  • Lubricate with grease or plant oil after use, and store in a case such as a sheath.
Trowel Kote

Trowel Kote

Trowel list photo Enlarged photo of trowel

Saw Nokogiri

Enlarged photo of a saw